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Debbie Gerrard

May 16, 1956

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Coates Disease

Eyes Affected

Eye Color

Age at Diagnosis
Should have been 5, but at 24

None. It was misdiagnosed in the beginning, and I didn't get any treatment.

Prognosis or Current State of Vision
I am in the final stages of the disease, and I will eventually lose my eye. No one can tell when or how I will lose my eye, but as long as there's no pain or the eye doesn't look deformed, I keep it.

Family History

Impact on My Life
See my web page, "My life with Coates disease" at

Positive Effects
I'm trying to help others with this disease. I'm trying to collect information on how it has affected people and let them know some of the things to expect. I'm always searching for new info.

I work as a Deli Clerk. My vision hasn't caused too much of a problem with employment. I let my co-workers know that I'm blind in my left eye, and they are cool with it. They let me know when they are approaching my left, or are behind me. Although they have played tricks on me and not told me they were there. It's all in good fun! They do know how serious it is. I also have 53 allergies, and they help with that, too!

More About Me
I'm married with two children,(25 & 19) and an 11-year-old Black Lab/Shepherd named Pooky. I'm first generation Canadian, eh! My hobbies are crochet, genealogy and the Internet!

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