IMDSG Policies & Procedures

    In order to maintain the intent and quality of the programs of the ILVSG and its affiliates, the following policies and procedures have been established.

1. Meetings

    a. The facilitator will make every effort to hold meetings monthly and year-round, on a consistent day and time schedule.

    b. The content of the meetings will, in large part, be presentations provided by the ILVSG. Facilitators are, however, welcome to replace the scheduled offerings with alternate programs.

    c. The facilitator or a qualified replacement will be in attendance at and during all meetings.

2. Equipment

    Computers and audio/visual equipment will be maintained in good working order for best viewing and hearing of the presentations.

3. Materials

    a. Monthly newsletters provided by the ILVSG will be reproduced and distributed to all participants at each meeting.

    b. Additional materials or items provided by the ILVSG will be made readily available to the participants.

4. Advertising and Promotion

    The facilitator will promote, wherever possible, the availability of the ILVSG in the surrounding community and maintain an open invitation to all. Advertising fliers and press releases are provided for this purpose.

5. Additional responsibilities of the facilitator

    a. The facilitator will remain accessible to the ILVSG director by notifying him immediately of any changes in personal contact information.

    b. The facilitator will email periodic attendance and progress reports upon request.