Map Your Blind Spot

Map Your Blind Spot

Using the applet below . . .

1. Click the START button (on the left).

2. Sit with your face about 10 inches from the monitor.

3. Close one eye, and gaze at the center cross.

4. Without looking away from the cross, use your mouse to position the cursor within your blind spot and move it outwards in one direction until you can just see it. Click there to leave a blue dot.

5. Reposition the cursor within your blind spot and repeat, moving the cursor outwards in different directions each time. This will create a dotted outline of your blind spot.

6. You may start over by clicking the START button again.

7. You can erase the dots one at a time by clicking the button on the right.

      You have a natural blind spot in your peripheral vision on the side toward your temple. That is normal. It is caused by the position of the optic disc at the back of your eye. Any other areas of blindness or distortion are not normal, and a doctor should be consulted.

For another way to diagram your vision, try the Visual Field Grid.

      Applet courtesy of Serendip. Adapted for MD Support by Dan and Jeff Roberts from an original conception by Jeffrey Oristaglio and Paul Grobstein.

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