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Your rights as a visually impaired person: accurate diagnosis and information, evaluation of needs, rehabilitation and support. Ask your doctor about the next step in your care.

"Rehabilitation is a part of good care rather than
something necessitated by the failure of care." (Alan R. Morse, JD, PhD)

Your Low Vision Team

    MD Support and leading professionals have worked together to standardize the continuum of care for low vision patients. This site describes the team approach you should expect in your care and rehabilitation.

About the project

Description of the delivery model

Audio/visual description
(Flash format: 5 min.)

Helpful Information

Crossing The Line From Visual to Nonvisual Skills
An interview with Maurice Peret

What Can We Do to Help?
The patient's responsibility

What Your Low Vision Doctor Needs To Know
A helpful checklist of personal information for your low vision specialist

The Macular Disease Patient Charter
A bill of rights developed by AMD Alliance International
for people with macular disease

"Dear Doctor"
A plea from a patient who thought nothing could be done

SmartSight--Making the Most of Remaining Vision
Information for patients from the American Academy of Ophthalmology

Find Low Vision Services

Vision Aware
(Database of rehabilitation services by state)

VisionServe Alliance
(Database of rehabilitation services by state)

Low Vision Works
(Growing nationwide chain of in-home rehabilitation specialists)

Low Vision Optometrists in the U.S.
(Search by state under category: Eye and Vision Service Providers --> Optometrist --> Low Vision Rehabilitation)

Rehabilitation Agencies:

United States | Canada | International

Audio Visual Presentations

"Can Low Vision Rehabilitation Help?"
(Flash format: 30 min.)

"Crossing The Line From Visual To Nonvisual Skills"
(Flash format: 52 min.)

"Head, Heart, and Eyes"
(Flash format: 58 min.)

"Learning to Live With Low Vision--A Journey Through Rehabilitation"
(Flash format: 35 min.)

"Learning to Live With Low Vision--A Journey Through Rehabilitation" (The Movie)
(DVD format: 37 min.)

"Limited Vision...Unlimited Potential"
(Flash format: 28 min.)

"What is Low Vision Rehabilitation?"
(Flash format: 49 min.)

"Low Vision and Vision Rehabilitation"
(Flash format: 11 min.)

"Successful Self-Management"
(Flash format: 36 min.)

"AMD Public Service Video"
(Length: 2.5 min.)

Self Help Guide to Nonvisual Skills. New window opens.

A Self Help Guide to Nonvisual Skills

A motivated person can restore up to 99% of all activities of daily living that have been diminished by poor vision. This guide shows how to begin, and it's free on this website.