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What You Need To Know Ahead Of Time

1. LowViz Guide is currently accessible only through Apple iDevices during this trial period. Those include iPhone 4S or later and iPad 4 or later.

2. You need to know your Apple Store ID and password in order to access the application. Be sure you have that information with you at the event.

3. Please wait until you are at the meeting location before downloading LowViz Guide, since it will not be ready for use until the first day of the event.

4. A basic knowledge of VoiceOver operation is necessary for successfully using LowViz Guide. Find easy-to-follow instructions here. You might also enjoy learning and practicing VoiceOver with the free app called LookTel VoiceOver Tutorial. Get it here.

5. You will find information and step-by-step instructions for using LowViz Guide here. We highly recommend that you read the instructions and the accompanying FAQ ahead of time. If you need further assistance, visit our support desk.

6. Finally, with so many people expected to use this new technology, We highly recommend that you bring earbuds or headphones. The app can be quite a chatterbox as it provides directions and information, so be kind to the ears of those around you.

LowViz Guide developer Dan Roberts is excited about the accessibility opportunities the app will provide. “For the first time ever,” he says, “blind and low vision attendees will actually be on a level playing field with their fully-sighted peers. The only difference might be the bigger smiles on their faces!”