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LowViz Guide FAQ

Most questions are answered in “How To Set Up And Use LowViz Guide“. But here are some additional questions that may arise.

LowViz Guide is downloaded, but it doesn’t work. Possible reasons:

1. You are not at the event site.

2. You are not in the conference area of the event.

3. You are using neither an iPhone or iPad.

4. Your device has an outdated operating system.

5. The app only partially downloaded. If you downloaded using a cellular service, try again or use Wi-Fi.

6. Bluetooth and/or VoiceOver is not turned on. Ask Siri to turn it on, or change it in your device’s settings.

The voice is speaking too fast. Possible reason:

The rate is set too high. Change it in VoiceOver settings.

I’m getting too little or too much information about my surroundings. Possible reasons:

1. The distance range is too low or too high. Find the adjustment slider on the left side of the “Around Me” screen.

2. LowViz Guide is set to identify all categories of POIs. Turn unwanted categories off at “POI Selection”.

I have trouble listening simultaneously to the routing tone and the audible directions. Can I turn the voice off and still hear the tone?

No, the voice must accompany the tone. Turning the voice off would prevent you from hearing how close you are getting to your destination, as well as when you arrive. You may, however, reduce the amount of information you are receiving by using the filter features described above.

The audible directions are wrong. Possible reasons:

1. You are holding the device incorrectly. Make sure it is level and facing forward.

2. The compass on your device needs to be recalibrated. For instructions, go to https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203301.

The search function does not respond or has stopped working. Possible reason:

The POI you want is on another floor. Go to that floor and search again.

I can’t hear the voice or routing tone. Possible reasons:

1. The volume is too low on your device.

2. The option “Mute Audio Assistance” is turned on in the LowViz Guide settings.

3. The room is too noisy. Use earbuds or headphones.

4. Your device is running low on Random Access Memory (RAM). Restart the device and/or close other running apps.

When routing, LowViz Guide says I’m “off track”. Possible reason:

You have wandered from the correct path or you have entered a beacon dead zone. Stop immediately, and slowly move your device from side to side. Listen for the tone, and correct your direction. If you continue to hear that you are off track, you will be offered the options of canceling or recalculating your route.

When routing, LowViz Guide directs me into a blank wall. Possible reason:

LowViz Guide senses your destination as the crow flies, but crows can’t fly through walls. Turn in the direction of the tone with the lowest pitch, and continue walking. The routing should correct itself. If not, begin a new search.

Still need help?

Go to the ASSISTANCE menu, and select CALL FOR HELP.