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Indoor Navigation For The Visually Impaired

A public service of Macular Degeneration Support.

Indoor navigation enables users to find their way around large meeting spaces and to always take shortest routes. Using an iPhone or iPad with voice activation, LowViz Guide facilitates orientation and safety, eliminating frustration with unfamiliar venues.

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Images of smart phone screens Meeting Room 15 is to your right 30 feet. Men's restroom is behind you 55 feet.

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  • Get only the information that you want by personalizing when, how and how much information you receive
  • Search Points of Interest and get directions directly to them
  • Metric and imperial measurement settings
  • And many more, all designed to take the stress out of navigating through often-confusing conference venues.

The user is guided by a combination of positioning algorithms, Bluetooth low-energy beacons, and a free mobile app on an iPhone or iPad. Routing-by-voice is available through the use of the smart phone’s accessibility feature.

Wayfinding technology is being installed permanently worldwide in malls, museums, airports, and subways. LowViz Guide is the first and only system custom made for installation at conferences and seminars.

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Important Information–Read Before Using the LowViz Guide App

Instructions for Use

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What You Need To Know Ahead of Time

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Audiovisual Demonstration

We are pleased to have serve the following organizations in 2018:

  • Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians
  • American Council of the Blind National Convention
  • Blinded Veterans Association
  • Foundation Fighting Blindness VISIONS 2018
  • National Federation of the Blind of New York
  • National Federation of the Blind of Ohio
  • National Federation of the Blind of Massachusetts
  • National Federation of the Blind of Tennessee
  • Texas Council of the Blind
  • Missouri Council of the Blind
  • Oregon Council of the Blind

LowViz Guide in the Media:

Reviews from users:

“I can’t thank you enough for your great support at the Blinded Veterans Association Convention. I heard many great comments about the LowViz Guide.” – Christina Hitchcock, Convention Manager

“I want to sincerely thank you for everything you did to make our wayfinding experience a perfect Portland adventure! I loved having such a reliable and new tool to navigate the hotel!” – Michelle Miller, Secretary, Alumni Association Board of Directors, Guide Dogs for the Blind

“I wish to convey the organization’s sincere appreciation for the demonstration and temporary installation of MD Support’s LowViz Guide app during our Annual Conference and Convention. Your group’s service contributed to one of the most successful conference and conventions the organization has held in recent times.” – Gene Lozano, 1st VP, California Council of the Blind

“CI was amazed at how much the app improved my ability to stay on course and actually find the places I wanted to go, BY MYSELF! I was sorry when the convention was over, in large part because I would no longer get the use the LowViz app. I wish every building in the greater Boston area had your beacons!” – Michele Mitchell, President, Cambridge Chapter-National Federation of the Blind

“What a pleasure it was to have met and worked with you at our NFBNY State Affiliate’s convention. I’ve gotten wonderful feedback about the beacons, and people were particularly pleased at not having to use the internet, and thereby extra minutes on their phones, to navigate the hotel.” – Mindy Jacobsen, Convention Coordinator, National Federation of the Blind of New York

“This is great, not only for people who are visually-challenged, but for sighted people like me who are directionally-challenged.” — Holly

“I have always thought something like this needed to be done, and now here it is.” — David

“I’m definitely going to use this!” — Bill

“I like this, because it’s subtle. No one has to know I’m visually impaired.” – Maura

“I’ve never heard of anything like this before. It’s fantastic.”— Adam

Funding for LowViz Guide is generously provided by:

MD Foundation link

Genentech link